The Crudelo Sphere

October 28 - December 10 2016

Symbionese Liberation Projects H.Q. 105 Franklin Ave, BK, NY

The Crudelo Sphere is probably the hardest custom ROM hack level made for Super Mario 64. Contained in the hack SM74 EE, only few runners have completed it in a single uninterrupted play through. For reference runner “Frame Perfection” completes a single segment 157 star run in 4hr 34m spending 30 minutes on the Crudelo Sphere’s 7 stars. The creator of the hack Lugmillord uses Crudelo on purpose as in Crūdēlis latin for “Unfeeling.” His production is an aesthetic manifestation of difficulty and challenge. Both a difficult game and also a 3D aesthetic series of interlocking worlds. Textures, 3D sculpted models, sound effects, colors, etc. When watching a player one watches the computational proficiency of the human mind against the CRUDELO. The Player a human filter coordinating inputs against oppressive challenge.


Frame Instal Frame Red Mirage in Colossal Roach Frame, 2016, Glass, Rockite, Plexi, Mixed Media, Archival Inkjet Print, Gatorboard, 48.5 x 36.5 inches

Frame Detail Basement Install Wood Work Wall Arcanium Funerary Secret, 2016, Synthetic Polymer Paint, Wood, Resin, Archival Inkjet Print, 20 x 17 inches Plaster Upstairs Plaster Pabugti Subway in Kando Vision Frame, 2016, Synthetic Polymer Paint, Hydrocal, Plexi, Archival Inkjet Print, 31.5 x 25.5 inches Plaster deatil Vicdeo install Zoom #2, 2016, Video, Dimensions Variable. Video